Care At Your Convenience

We welcome new patients during the pandemic and will take care of any medical needs we possibly can using telehealth tools, such as phone or video visits, eliminating the need to come in for an office visit.

  • House Calls
    Patient care for the home bound

  • Telephonic Access
    Access to Dr. Smith on his cell phone

  • No Rush Office Visits
    All the time you need

  • Video Consultations
    Live visits from your devices

  • Included Annual Wellness Visit
    We work to keep you healthy

Why Choose Us?

Welcome to Dr. Smith Direct Care, a direct primary care practice located in the heart of West Little Rock.  Our mission is to provide you with private, personalized primary care for an affordable monthly membership fee.  After practicing family medicine in a traditional, academic setting for over 40 years, Dr. Smith is starting a private practice with options many patients currently don’t have.  These options are based on a commitment of time: more time during office visits to talk with you and address your concerns, more time to respond to online questions and phone calls, more time to respond to requests for medication refills, and more time for other services outlined below.

This time is possible because the number of patients is limited,  and visits will be scheduled for a minimum of thirty minutes up to an hour or more.  Beyond appointments, our patients will have 24/7 access to Dr. Smith via email, messaging, phone and video visits.

Membership Costs
You may choose a monthly or yearly payment plan:

Monthly - $75.00
Yearly - $700  ($200 savings)

Married Couple
Monthly - $130.00
Yearly - $1350  ($210 savings)

Family (up to five, children must be at least 16 years old)
Monthly - $200.00
Yearly - $2200  ($200 savings)
Membership Benefits
The Dr. Smith Direct Care membership covers the cost of all primary care services including:
  • Annual wellness and preventive care visits
  • Office visits to treat and monitor chronic conditions
  • Office visits for illness or other problems
  • Email access for clinical questions using our patient portal
  • Online medication refills
  • Video visits as an alternative to coming to the office
  • Dr. Smith’s cell phone number for answers to your health concerns
  • Home visits, if you are temporarily homebound
  • Access to 24/7 eDocAmerica online health team to answer health questions (medical, pediatric, psychological, fitness and nutrition, prescriptions, dental and vision)
Lab Tests and Imaging
Lab tests and imaging (x-rays, CT scans, MRIs) will be performed nearby and can be paid for separately or billed to insurance.  We have negotiated a greatly discounted price with our lab and imaging partners, often less than the co-pay through insurance.
Hospital and Specialty Services
If you need to be admitted to the hospital or the emergency room, be referred to a specialist, or for other procedures not considered to be part of primary care, you will have your insurance billed as usual.  If you are already being cared for by a specialist for conditions that are not typically considered as primary care, you will continue your relationship with your specialist.
Your Health Insurance
It is important to note that Dr. Smith Direct Care is for your primary care needs.  If you have health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, you will continue to use your insurance for expenses that are not part of primary care.  You can expect to save significantly with our program, especially if you have a high co-pay, deductible, out-of-pocket max, or only maintain a catastrophic policy.
Discounted Memberships
For patients on a limited income, Dr. Smith Direct Care has substantially discounted the monthly membership cost on a reserved number of memberships.  If you have a limited income and would like to inquire about discounted rate participation, you can send us a message through our contact us page.

Interested?  Come talk with us.

Are you interested, but unsure if you're ready to make a commitment?  We encourage you to schedule a “get acquainted” appointment with Dr. Smith.  You can ask questions, experience the clinic setting, and get to know Dr. Smith without any obligation to join the practice.  Just click the ‘schedule an appointment’ button to arrange a time to come see us! If you are ready to become a member of Dr. Smith Direct Care, click the ‘Become a Member’ button below to join.

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  • Bob Torvestad
    Bob Torvestad


    Dr. Smith has been my primary care physician for the past 15 years.  He is an outstanding diagnostician, he is exceptionally responsive and he is constantly updating his knowledge of best medical practices.  Dr. Smith is a caring professional who has always given me the time it takes to discuss and get to the best possible treatment option.  I have never felt rushed.
  • Joe and Terry Graedon
    Joe and Terry Graedon

    Hosts of The People's Pharmacy nationally syndicated radio show

    We have collaborated with Dr. Smith for years, and consider him a very good friend. We admire his dedication to quality care, his integrity and his kindness. He is a model for the ultimate primary care physician, integrating his compassion for patients with his knowledge of the latest medical advances. We wish he were our family doctor.
  • Dr. Joseph Scherger
    Dr. Joseph Scherger

    Leader in Family Medicine and Primary Care

    Charles Smith has been improving how medicine is practiced for more than 20 years. He is a pioneer in bringing the power of internet communication to patients. Like he did with eDocAmerica, his new practice will be like a modern Marcus Welby, bringing a wise family doctor into your home.