What About Prevention?

A patient recently contacted me to ask what types of preventive measures she should be taking at this stage of her life.  I was a little surprised at this since this individual was a highly educated person.  But it dawned on me that a lot of patients are not following these issues closely or discussing […]

Line up, Get on a Waiting List, and get Your Covid Vaccine!

To all Dr Smith Direct Care Patients, and to anyone else reading this message:  We now have a vaccine against this dreaded disease!  I was lucky enough to receive two doses recently, and didn’t have significant adverse effects.  Now, I should be relatively safe from this terrible pestilence, and can take care of patients with […]

Message to Dr. Smith Patients about upcoming surgery

To my patients: One week from today, on October 15th, I will undergo a left total hip arthroplasty at UAMS.  I will, therefore, have to close the office on that day, as well as the following week, October 13th and 15th. At this point, barring unforeseen circumstances, I plan to reopen on 10/27. I expect […]

Patients are Recognizing the Value of Telehealth Visits

For many years, patients and physicians alike have resisted the notion of online contact as an alternative to the office visit.  However, over the past year, many offices have transitioned to as much as 80% of their visits being done via telehealth.  This includes video visits, text messaging, use of EMR-based messaging and phone visits. […]

Social Distancing: Deciding how Much Risk to Take.

Patients are often in a quandary about issues related to social distancing.   This has been especially true for those who are older or who have chronic conditions.  One of my wife’s friends in her exercise group has opted out of group participation for the foreseeable future to minimize risk of virus spread.  A patient […]

Reflections on Change

Change is inevitable.  Most of us are more comfortable when things roll along in familiarity.  But, for me, the last 12 months have been anything but familiar.  Over this time, I have: -Retired from a 30 year career as a medical faculty member at UAMS -Started a direct primary care practice -Become medical director of […]

Don’t Let your Guard Down!

In today’s WSJ an article presented evidence that patients were delaying treatment of chronic conditions, and there would likely be a surge in medical problems as a result. It’s easy to understand why we would all be tempted to postpone scheduled blood tests, provider visits to review chronic conditions, put off preventive exams and visits, […]

Reflections on the Coronavirus Pandemic

How can I describe the times we are experiencing? Where do I start, and what is worth saying? Who dreamed that our world would have turned upside down so suddenly and violently? We are getting “cabin fever” from sheltering in place. We are ready to have this nightmare behind us and resume our usual schedules. […]

What Do We Do About Office Visits During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Dr. Smith Direct Care is committed to minimizing risk of transmission of Coronavirus in the community. We encourage you all to practice effective “social distancing”. This includes converting scheduled visits to either phone visits, e mail exchange, messaging through the medical record application, text messaging or video visit. If you are a patient and have […]

What Constitutes an Ideal Physician Office Visit?

People come to the physician’s office for a lot of different reasons.  However, regardless of the need, a visit to your primary care physician should include several components.  Most people don’t go to the doctor very often, so if these issues aren’t included, they often go untended, and can result in health problems down the […]

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