For many years, patients and physicians alike have resisted the notion of online contact as an alternative to the office visit.  However, over the past year, many offices have transitioned to as much as 80% of their visits being done via telehealth.  This includes video visits, text messaging, use of EMR-based messaging and phone visits.

Patients are learning to appreciate the ease and convenience of telehealth and physicians are realizing it is much easier than they thought it would be.  And, they have discovered that, often, a telehealth visit is just as helpful and provides just as much information, and leads to equally high quality outcomes compared to in-office care.

At Dr Smith Direct Care, we encourage patients to use telehealth visits whenever possible or desired.  If having a PCP who is easy to reach and encourages telehealth to enhance convenience and efficiency appeals to you, give us a call or come see us!