Reflections on the Coronavirus Pandemic

How can I describe the times we are experiencing? Where do I start, and what is worth saying? Who dreamed that our world would have turned upside down so suddenly and violently? We are getting “cabin fever” from sheltering in place. We are ready to have this nightmare behind us and resume our usual schedules. […]

Why Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

Why DPC? Direct Primary Care is a new concept in health care delivery and, in many ways, is a return to the times of yesteryear, when the community had a physician that they knew well, trusted, and could easily reach when needed.  The emphasis is on personal service, easy access, and spending plenty of time […]

What you should know about Vitamin D

We all think of vitamin D to build strong bones, but it has many other functions in the body as well.  Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, which is naturally present in only a few foods.  The good news is that your body can make it.  All you need is sunlight.  That is why vitamin […]

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