Why DPC? Direct Primary Care is a new concept in health care delivery and, in many ways, is a return to the times of yesteryear, when the community had a physician that they knew well, trusted, and could easily reach when needed.  The emphasis is on personal service, easy access, and spending plenty of time with the patient to assure meeting all of their health care needs.    In order to assure easy access, we provide a cell phone number, the ability to make your own appointments on line, an online message service, and the opportunity to schedule video visits.

Many confuse DPC with concierge medicine, which typically charges fees of $1000.00 per year or more and then, still, requires insurance billing, as well as continuing to pay copays and deductibles.  However, DPC fees cover all of the care that the physician offers, in addition to offering very low cost labs.  If the patient prefers, they can send their lab charges to their insurance company, but the copays are usually higher than the charges we have negotiated for these labs. 

If you sometimes feel frustrated with not being able to reach your pcp personally, or promptly; if you are frustrated with having to wait too long for an appointment; or if you feel you spend too much time in the waiting room when you see your doctor, give DPC a try.