In today’s WSJ an article presented evidence that patients were delaying treatment of chronic conditions, and there would likely be a surge in medical problems as a result.

It’s easy to understand why we would all be tempted to postpone scheduled blood tests, provider visits to review chronic conditions, put off preventive exams and visits, or even lose energy to take medications to control diseases such as hypertension or diabetes.

Control of chronic conditions is typically most successful when it is done as a team effort between the patient and the provider.  But the primary onus for success is on the patient to maintain daily vigilance: to monitor daily blood pressures; to check daily blood glucose levels; to monitor weight status; to maintain an exercise program; and to continue to take prescribed medications.

Although the motivational effects of an in-office visit with your provider is not possible at the moment, don’t let this time result in a setback to your health.  If you haven’t done so, make a virtual appointment with your provider to review how things are going and address all of your relevant health questions.  If lab work is needed, we have an easy process to accomplish that.

We can visit through phone, video, or written communication, so please stay in touch and stay healthy!