The Direct Primary Care model at Dr Smith Direct Care uses technology to make most office visits unnecessary and obsolete. Every day, I communicate with patients about how new medications are working, whether adjustments need to be made, or whether new problems or symptoms are occurring that need attention. Other patients are more comfortable texting or calling me on my cell phone, just as you would do with a friend or family member. You are always encouraged to text, call, or send a message any time, and as often, as you feel you need to.

You can also communicate with Dr. Smith using your ipad, iPhone or computer by scheduling a video visit. This option can often eliminate the need to go to the trouble to come to the office for a visit, particularly if you primarily need to follow up on your chronic conditions, and review and renew medications. You can reserve your office visits for annual physical examinations, or times that you need to have blood work or other procedures performed. Making arrangements for a video visit is easy, and the staff at Dr. Smith Direct Care will help you with any details you may be unfamiliar with. Just log onto the website or and schedule a video visit instead of an office visit and our staff will take care of the rest.

Within the past two days I communicated via text messaging and cell phone conversation, as well as via OnPatient messaging. The text messaging thread involved a patient with a serious bout of constipation that needed several different options to be tried before successful resolution. The phone conversation involved a patient who needed to clarify an appointment with a cardiologist that had been made in error, and the message exchange involved advice to a patient who was having an adverse reaction to a recently prescribed medication. All of these were resolved by direct communication with me—no left messages, no delay in replying to the message, and no conversations with office personnel who often have to “hand off” the message to the doctor for a later response.

DPC is an opportunity to have a direct, personal and responsive relationship with a doctor who is committed to effective communication with you. You may want to consider giving it a try. Make an appointment and come see us without any obligation to join.